Experience Maha Mamo

Following is a selection of videos of Maha during various speaking engagements—from seminars to Ted talks. Browse the videos to learn more about her story, get an idea of her speaking style and the breadth of her experience.

"I am 30 years old, and a month ago I got my first passport"

— TEDx Place Des Nations Women Switzerland

A 2019 TEDx talk in which Maha talks about what it feels like to finally have a passport after 30 years of living in the shadows of statelessness

"I Belong "

— TEDx Sao Paulo

A 2017 TEDx talk in Sao Paulo where Maha talks about the right to belong and explains the global campaign “I Belong”, promoted by the United Nations, for the end of statelessness.


— Canal Futura

A 2015 documentary on Maha by Canal Futura, a paid educational television channel in Brazil, before she became a citizen of Brazil.


— Trinity TV

Television interview with Trinity TV—an updated special on refugee protection for statelessness. Aired 24 September 2016

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