Maha Mamo Team
Everyone has the right to belong

Hello everybody!

A lot of people, watching my videos, speeches and reading my book, ask me - what's next? How can we help in this fight against inequality and injustice affecting people around the world? How can we be part of the solution? What is the next step?

I am glad to tell you that I found the best way to do it! Together! This step became clearer to me with time- We will create a community! I want to devote it to the most important and closest cause to me- the fight for the basic human rights for stateless people! Children and adults around the world. I want to create a community build by each one of you who believe of positive change and wants to be part of the solution and support for Stateless people and Statelessness!

To build the core of the community, I will need you & I invite everybody to participate in the Maha Mamo Team Facilitator Camp. Participants will kick the start of the community! You will learn how to conduct online camps, small group interactions, project management, chat, communication technology, and to be a host of other useful skills needed to build and complete the community.

During the camp, we will form a development plan, project ideas, rules and principles of the Maha Mamo Community. I would love to have your support. Let’s create a network to support our global community.

“Alone, we can do so LITTLE!



The Maha Mamo facilitators camp has started. People from South Africa, Brazil, Italy, United States, Lebanon, Malta and the United Kingdom are reunited to advocate, raise awareness and break the stereotype of statelessness. We know it is not an easy challenge, but with the commitment and empowerment of the team, we will build together the base of what will be a community to support stateless people and raise more awareness on statelessness.


In our second meeting, the team received an introduction about ACT Technology. The technology for communities. It is based on webs 3.0 which aims to communicate people around positive causes to create a bigger impact. We shared some ideas and questions about it to get a better understanding of how would it be applicable in our community.


In today’s session, we moved towards the facilitator concept. We shared ideas about what it means, its role, duties, traits and responsibilities. We got inspired to see how we develop this role in our daily lives, in our work, with our families and friends. We agreed that this is a quite important yet challenging role, however, we all have the most important strait to facilitate within us, that is the willingness to take action to in causes we feel passionate for.


To start the second week of the Maha Mamo Facilitators Camp, we met a great and wonderful woman who shared with us the story of a stateless young in Lebanon. Beyond the name, there are persons that due to religions, bureaucracy, casts and many other reasons, continue borning in this world without the right to Belong!


After our last session full of information, facts and answers, this time we came up to the meeting with IDEAS. All kind of ideas and as much as we had. We put all of them over the table (or the screen) to visualize the number of possibilities to approach a new project of this type. In this stage, there is not bad or wrong, there is not too big or too small, there are just ideas in progress to be developed as projects, therefore the process must be open to ani kind of mind, we need to listen and receptive because solutions are everywhere just waiting for us to be seeing.


Today's session we set some minimums and maximums outcomes we will like to accomplish for our fundraising campaign. We identified these 3 areas as the most important topics to get clear: Graphic material Story description Crowdfunding websites After that, we discovered which are the first steps to take in order to achieve our goal.


During this session, we created our sub-teams to approach the project from different areas. Content and advocacy Design, marketing and promotion Reach out, connections and platforms. We also defined these teams as the structure that we will keep to the development of our community. To work in different areas allows us to make a zoom-in into details that we want to set before this camp finish and we start to welcome more people to the team


We are getting closer to the launch of our crowdfunding campaign and this means a heap of happiness for the time. This is our first project as The Maha Mamo Team and we are excited to start our community with this amazing story. Every day we learn more about each other, jobs, families, friends, daily routines and much more. We are an amazing team of women for the moment and despite all our duties and responsibilities during the days, we are glad to meet the team at the end of the day to create solutions and contribute to this cause.


What is a community facilitator?

A facilitator is someone who supports a group and helps to create, plan and execute strategies whilst also identifying and helping to solve problems. We want you to create a great impact on inspiring and motivating the community, building successful teamwork and in turn, achieving the community goals.

The task of the facilitator is to be the liaison of the community, to provide interaction of participants, be able to use modern technologies, be open to communication, resolve conflicts or handle situations that are not routine. This is a challenge but very important task for the first stage of community building.

People who are suitable for the role of a facilitator:

  • Love to communicate with people,
  • Feels comfortable having online meetings and chats
  • Want to build a community around positive causes
  • Be patience
  • Is an active listener
  • Ask questions
  • Aims to be impartial

If you have other traits, and you want to take part in the community - we will be glad to see you at the next stage. If it’s your case, please send your applications, marked as “Participation in the Community”