Maha Mamo

Storyteller, Human Rights Defender, Motivational Speaker

Whether you are a student, an entrepreneur, a corporate executive or volunteer at a nonprofit, Maha has a message that will not only resonate but motivate.

Her natural charm and rapport with the audience draws us in, eager to hear how her story will end. In the process, we learn about the all-too-important issue of statelessness as we witness a level of resiliency and determination that, in turn, inspires the listener to feel empowered.



 For organizations looking to inspire an audience with a unique story, there’s no need to look any further than Maha Mamo. Maha’s story deftly weaves in themes of resilience, suspense, humor, grit, passion and political issues to deliver an experience that is unforgettable. Your audience will leave feeling as if they’ve learned something they should have always known, and in the process, found a new friend they’ll treasure forever.


Human Rights/Statelessness Campaign

If you’re looking for someone to speak on the plight of statelessness, you could not find a better spokesperson than Maha. She fought for nearly 30 years for the right to belong, never giving up even when it seemed that every door had been closed. Now, as a citizen of Brazil, she can speak firsthand of the journey that took her from being a mere shadow to a fully recognized member of society.


In Brazil, where Maha received her citizenship, elements of her story are included in the testing required to graduate from secondary school. However, her story has resonance for all students learning about statelessness. Maha can tailor a seminar to meet the needs of your in-person or virtual educational programming.


“Having Maha share her life experiences and special moments helped the team to rethink some things, reviewing what is really important and what must be put aside as we cannot change. We all must revaluate aspects ourselves on the path of life, and on that, Maha has immense, vast and rich experiences that can be applied to any team to grow and be better equipped to face reality.”

“Her personal story absolutely blew me away… (She's) an extraordinary beacon of hope”

“We invited Maha to open a LATAM WPP STREAM event, and she was incredible. Maha was by far the most inspiring part of the event. Opening the event with her was perfect as it set the tone for the rest of the days — the tone that nothing, absolutely nothing, is impossible. She is a true inspiration to me and all of us.”

“Immigrants and stateless people have a voice with Maha’s story. Maha Mamo: a great role model and most importantly, a great human being!”

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